Sherri Parry

Sherri Parry

At just 19, Sherri Parry is already making a name for herself as one of the most exciting singer songwriters in the Victorian folk scene. Sherri began her career at the age of 12, playing open mics and small gigs in central Victoria. She soon began to gain recognition for her talent, winning awards for both her songwriting and performance skills. It was around this time Sherri's music caught the attention of accomplished singer songwriters such as Grim Fawkner and Tom Lee Richards, who have since acted as mentors to her.  Sherri Parry's music showcases both composition skills and world views well beyond her time, and her live performances are nothing but a testament to that. Delivering intimate, ethereal performances that never fail to leave audiences spellbound.  Parry debuted her highly anticipated first EP, 'EQUAL' in October 16, sharing six songs exploring people, life and relationships. EQUAL is now available to purchase at Folk / Soul / Alternative / Acoustic

Festival Schedule

Thursday 9th November, 2017 at Hargreaves Mall from 11:00am-12:00pm
Thursday 9th November, 2017 at GPO from 06:00pm-07:00pm
Friday 10th November, 2017 at The Engine Room from 04:00pm-04:20pm  |  Bill Barber hosts an amazing lineup of talented youth. Gold Coin Donation.
Friday 10th November, 2017 at Cambrian Hotel from 07:15pm-08:15pm
Sunday 12th November, 2017 at Bendigo Gallery Café from 11:00am-11:45am


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