Tim Hulsman Trio

Tim Hulsman Trio

“Hard worn Folk Blues with a Rock’n’Roll attitude” Tim Hulsman is a genre-defying songwriter and wizard on the lap steel guitar. His soul-drenched vocals, memorable melodies and unique roots/pop sensibility make every show a thrill, but it's through his story-telling stage banter that he shines as a true entertainer. Tim was the inaugural recipient of the Alex Legg Memorial Foundation Scholarship (2015 -16) for excellence in song writing, stagecraft and artistic vision. Hulsman’s album “GET LOVED!” is a superb combination of intense, heartfelt songs and passionate playing with an immediate and captivating delivery.  This is an album that will find a welcome home amidst any music collection that includes the likes of Tom Waits, Ry Cooder, Jeff Buckley, Bill Withers, Jeff Lang, The Dirty Three and Paul Kelly.  Hulsman is a major talent on the Australian roots/blues/folk/country soul music landscape. It's time to grab a seat on the Hulsman train. Folk / Blues

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