King Of The North

King Of The North

King Of The North are a 2-piece Alt/Rock act from Melbourne Australia. Though recent growth of the band has seen the duo play more in Europe than Australia. They have played 70 shows over 4 tours from 2015 till now, the highlight being 2016’s ‘Get Out Of Your World’ album launch tour with 16 sell out shows across 8 countries.  King Of The North’s continued worldwide success is due to the originality of this 2 piece. Not only do they have great songs and demolish any stage they set upon, they are the first 2-piece to sound like a 5- piece band! This is due to the creation of an ingenious guitar pedal, dubbed the ‘3 From 1 Pedal’ by singer/ guitarist and pedal creator Andrew Higgs. “It makes one guitar sound like 3, lead, rhythm and bass, hence the name.” Run these guitars through 3 separate amps, add wailing rock vocals, the pounding, groovey drums and vocal harmonies and you have an act like you have never seen before.  If you like your rock, blues or just something different with plenty of energy and entertainment, make sure you catch King Of The North while they are in town. We guarantee you will be going home in their T- Shirt. Ballsy Blues

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