Jukeboy Emmett

Jukeboy Emmett

Sean “JukeBoy” Emmett is a blues/roots musician who originates from Kiama on the south coast of N.S.W. At 19 years old, he already exhibits an intense maturity in his craft and has a seasoned stage presence. He is confident in the way that he works his crowds and strong in the way that he approaches musical innovation. Sean is a songwriter/performer graduate of the TDP (Talent Development Project). As a one-man band, he plays harmonica and guitar in addition to taking on vocal work, covering a broad spectrum of sounds and styles. He takes pride in his ability to play a number of roles throughout the course of a single night. Sean’s musical role models include respected blues stars such as Big Walter, Jimmy Rodgers, and Slip Harpo as well as country figures like Mississippi Fred McDowell and Mississippi John Hurt. He draws inspiration from each of these heroes and incorporates the lessons of their discographies into his work as he continues to grow and develop as an artist and to expand his repertoire even beyond its already-wide bounds. Chicago Blues / Country Blues

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