Nardia Rose Band

Nardia Rose Band

Nardia is a Singer-Songwriter with powerful, raw & sultry vocals seasoned in the genres of Blues, Soul & Jazz. With a harmonic ear for music, Nardia wields her vocal range with intensity & musical prowess often blowing the roof off with her breathtaking voice.  The Nardia Rose Band is a recently established Melbourne based band and already they are turning heads and making a stamp in the Melbourne music scene recently supporting Tex Perkins and Russell Morris as well as playing at various Jazz and Blues festivals around Victoria and NSW.  Their repertoire is a mix of the classics along with Nardia’s original songs that she wrote while travelling with a guitar on her back through the South of the US including Memphis, New Orleans & Mississippi. She is very excited to be working on her new album this year and finally sharing her music! You will also see Nardia playing in bands including the Justin Yap Band & Soul Chic. Jazz & Blues

Festival Schedule

The Festival schedule for Nardia Rose Band will be available soon.


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