Running Blue

Running Blue

Running Blue - the musical moniker for songwriter and singer Miguel Rios and fiddle player Ash Jones – are known to Melbourne live audiences for their compelling, down-low acoustic sets. Rios, writes songs which are lyrically driven, the words are both simple and incisive, a dichotomy matched by a vocal style that is pure and unforced, yet raw. These are detailed and deeply personal stories but they also thrum with universal truths. This gifted, highly original singer-songwriter gives soulful voice to the longings and dark comedies of human striving that play out against the natural world. His gift has been burnished by the accompaniment of his close friend, Ash Jones. Rios and this extraordinarily talented fiddler have played together for well over a decade and it shows in the way Jones’s playing weaves in and out of the music like smoke through sunbeams.   Roots

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The Festival schedule for Running Blue will be available soon.

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