Urban Creatures

Urban Creatures

In Urban Creatures, multi-instrumentalist/singer Damien Neil, drummer Colin Thompson and singer/guitarist Sile Coleman perform a mix of folk, jazz, blues and funky tunes, with some original compositions and some spontaneous jams thrown in for good measure. The group combine to create a complimentary mixture of full-bodied guitar tones and raw, gutsy, old-school drum sounds with sometimes gentle, sometimes thundering rhythms – layered beneath Damien and Sile’s smooth, rich vocals. A good craic.   Folk / Jazz / Blues

Festival Schedule

Friday 10th November, 2017 at Capital Theatre from 10:30am-11:00am
Friday 10th November, 2017 at Hargreaves Mall from 01:00pm-01:45pm
Saturday 11th November, 2017 at The Brougham Arms from 02:00pm-02:45pm
Sunday 12th November, 2017 at Yard Bird from 02:00pm-02:45pm


Urban Creatures

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