40 Thieves

Aaron Gillett and his Boogie Band

Alanna and Alicia

Alanna and Old Hat Jazz

Alawishus Jones & the Outright Lies

Alex and Dan

Alister Turrill

Andrea Robertson & Band

Andy Garlick

Anita George

Anna Scionti

Bag O’ Nails

Ben J. Carter

Bill Barber

Blues Roulette

Boss Guitar – Blues to Bop

Brandon Trickey

Buddy Knox Blues

Buddy Knox Blues Band

Byron Siren

Carus Thompson

Cass Eager & The Velvet Rope

Charlie Bedford

Checkerboard Lounge

Claude Hay

Dan Dinnen & Shorty

Daniel Aaron

Daryl James

Dean Haitani

Decky Music – Ukulele Guitar Harmonica

Doc Halibut

Don Morrison



Electric Blues Collective

Erica Hawkey Band

Erin Mannix

Finnigan August


Frank Bell

Geoff Achison (solo)

Geoffrey Williams

Grim Fawkner

Groove Juice

Harry Coulsons Blue Dogs

Honk Tank



Jess Parker & The Troubled Waters

Jesse Morris Band (trio)

Jesse Valach and The Testaments


Joshua Batten

Karrie Hayward

Khristian Mizzi

La Fiaba String Quartet

LeroyZ Hammond Combo

Louie and the Pride

Lucy Ridge and the Derby Widows

Luke Harrington


Mannix Harrington

Mariah McCarthy

Marisa Quigley & her Sunday Best

Matt Katsis

Matty T Wall

McNaMarr Project

Meredith Whittle

Messin’ ’round

Mezz Coleman

Midweek Blues


Nathan Beretta

Nathan Power

Orange Whip

Owen Campbell and The Frontier Wars

Patrick Lionel

Piano Wizard Andrew Farrell


Ramble Town

Rattlin’ Bones Blackwood

Rhyley McGrath

Rhythm X Revival

Rob Papp & Brothers In Blues

Rory Phillips

Run Dear City

Running Blue

Safari Motel

Salty Dawg Does The Blues

Sammy Owen Blues Band

Sarah Wilkinson

Shannon Bourne Solo

Sherri Parry

Simon Imrei

Slap Back Jack and the Magic Eight Balls

Sleepy West

Sons of The Blues

Soul Contact

Steph Bitter

Steve Gower

Swamp Thing

T.K. Reeve

Tennyson King

That Gold Street Sound

The Alan Ladds

The Bean Project

The Deans

The eclectic ukelectix

The Ethan Farmer Band

The Flannos

The Great Unknown

The Havea Brothers

The Heath Robertson Band

The Humbuckin’ Pickups

The Mojo Corner

The New Settlers

The Old Married Couple

The Rattlers

The Rosie Burgess Trio

The Slipdixies

Tillerman Pete

Troy Wilson & Matthew White

Union Street Blues Club

Unkle Dumpy

Urban Creatures

Victor Cripes


We The Radio

John Butler (Solo & Intimate

The Waifs