Q&A: Tully Sumner

Q&A: Tully Sumner

Tully Sumner answers a few of our questions.

Full name:
Tully Sumner

Born in:

First musical instrument played:

Other occupation apart from music:
Gardener/ Environmental Officer.

Biggest influence on music career:
My parents; apart from having a great record collection, both are great singers and as a kid growing up I just absorbed a lot of music all the time.

Favourite Bendigo musician:
Tyson Hodges, I dig his guitar style.

Favourite World musician:
Fela Kuti for sharing Afrobeat with the world.

Three dream dinner guests:
Jim Henson creator of The Muppets for his limitless imagination, David Attenborough for his adventurous inquisitiveness and Ricky Gervais for bit of a laff!

Describe yourself in three words:
Not without flaws.

Describe your music style in a sentence:
Old time blues and folk.

Favourite song of all time:
Amazing Grace, beautifully simple and succinct.

If you had one wish for the world what would it be?

Why are you excited to play the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival?
I grew up in Kyneton and played around the area throughout my youth. It’s great to come back to my old stomping ground and give a little bit back to the community.

If you could jam with any one musician who would it be?
Gillian Welch.

Best gig:
Woodford Folk Fest New Years Eve. The place was buzzing with amazing positive energy and the people were all so high…..on life of course!

Favourite venue to play:
The Toff in Town is pretty plush, I also like Open Studio in Northcote for its cosy intimacy..

Strangest experience you’ve had on stage:
I did a duet with Kermit the frog, we sang the rainbow connection. Yes, it really happened. He wasn’t the real Kermit though, just an impersonator.

What’s the worst song request you’ve been hit with?
Khe Sahn, not that its a bad song, its just that I don’t know the words.