Artist profile: Archer

Artist profile: Archer

Rustic bluesman, Archer is a man of few words, preferring to leave his unpretentious take on pre-war country blues as his main means of expression.

A largely self-taught musician, Archer developed his love of old country music through listening to his grandfather’s extensive record collection. Archer recalls his old man as an odd old bloke who owned some great records. As a kid, the sounds of Jimmy Rodgers, Tex Morton, Leadbelly and Australia`s yodelling sweetheart Shirley Thom`s captured his imagination.

When asked about his take on last year’s Bendigo Blues & Roots Festival, Archer had this to say. “The Blues is good for people. Seeing pubs jumpin` and people having a seriously good time…that has to be a real good thing.”

A typical Archer performance is an authentic and genuine representation of a simple music from another time, which uniquely articulates a heartfelt expression of the human condition in all its extremes.

“I got me a band these days…the Long Gone Daddies” declared Archer during our chat. So what did he have to tell me about the band? “Well, they want women…and they aren’t too fussy”