Q&A: Jacob McGuffie

Q&A: Jacob McGuffie

Jacob McGuffie answers a few of our questions.

How would you describe the past year with the Vampire Killers in one or two sentences?
We’ve spent hundreds of ours in a van, eaten lots of truck stop burgers, released an album that was two years in the making, done some great support gigs had way too much fun.

What’s been the highlight of that period, and why?
Releasing our debut album was a pretty big landmark for the band. It took two years to get it out and we’re stoked with the final product.

Did you experience a “pinch me” moment during this time?
Playing to a sold out Palace Theatre when we opened for The Mars Volta was pretty amazing. After the gig I spoke to their bass player, Juan Alderete, for an hour about basses and everything he’s done including his time in Racer X with Paul Gilbert (Mr Big)… It was pretty bizarre!

Why did you accept to be part of the July showcase?
Why is the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival so important to the city? The festival is a great way to showcase some of the great music that is happening in the region. It also gives people of Bendigo a chance to experience artists from out of town that they wouldn’t otherwise get a chance to see. I was given a lot of great opportunities growing up playing music in Bendigo so I’m always keen to come back and have a play.

What do you like about the festival partnering up with Bendigo Beer and the Festival of Lamb?
I think it’s a great idea to involve people with different interests, the three things go hand in hand.

What’s your favourite tipple and why?
At the moment I’ve been enjoying cider of both the apple and pear  varieties. There’s lots of great ciders popping up, I really like the 2 Brothers Gypsy Pear Cider. One of my favourite foods of all time would have to be a well cooked Osso Bucco, it’s got all the goodness of meat with just the right amount of awesome.

What would you rather be: a brew, stew, ewe or a Blue, and why?
A Blue, that way I could still enjoy the Brew, Stew and the Ewe.

If you had the house to yourself and you wanted to match one CD, with one beverage and one dish, what would it be and why?
Right now it would be Ryan Adams latest album ‘Ashes and Fire’, a decent Shiraz and a Lamb Roast. But hey, as if I’d cook a roast for myself.

If you could nominate three people, who would you say makes up the “engine room” of Bendigo music, ie making things happen, and why?
There’s a lot of great people doing great things for Bendigo’s music scene at the moment but if I had to single people out I’d say Colin Thompson and the Bendigo Blues and Roots committee, Don Webb for all his work the the biannual ‘Gigfest’ and Albert ‘Skip’ Skipper for encouraging young people to develop their talents and get involved with the music community.

What are your plans for the rest of 2012?
I’m heading back into the studio very shortly to finish my debut solo album. It will be available through Melbourne’s Newmarket Records by the time the festival rolls around in November. The Fearless Vampire Killers are also recording in the next few weeks to release another 7” vinyl that we’re very excited about.