“It was like our own serene blues bubble floating through Bendigo. I was super impressed by the calibre of musicians on board. More! More! Incredible blues music matched with a gorgeous historic tram! I wish it lasted longer! Definitely not missing out on the next one!”
Beck Chalmer, 3BO Announcer and mother of two.

‘When you think of catching a tram, fantastic entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful scenery while enjoying a beverage or two amongst great company doesn’t generally spring to mind. The Blues Tram has all of this in spades, and is a unique musical experience definitely not to be missed!’’
James Marshall, Musician and Bendigo Bank employee.

These are just a sample of the glowing testimonials from passengers on the Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival’s latest outlet for enjoying the tunes: The Blues Tram, which has established itself as an inte gral part of the Festival.