Andrea Marr is ready to party

Andrea Marr is ready to party

Andrea Marr is ready to party. And at this year’s Blues and Roots Festival, you can join her.

With an extensive musical background, you can expect quite an act from the Andrea Marr Band. With a heavy presence in the local music scene as a vocal coach of 20 years and the vocal coach for an R&B Gospel Choir called Urban Praise, the band is without a doubt well-crafted.

“I’ve been involved in Urban Praise for 10 years now as a lead singer, choir member and vocal coach,” says the 2012 MBAS Blues Performer of the Year. “I’m very involved in my local music scene.”

With strong local ties, it’s the Blues and Roots Festival that’s on Andrea’s mind. Having played the event three times previously, Andrea praises the Bendigo crowds in particular.

“It’s a great festival and the people are wonderful and really get into the music,” she says “One night we played a nighttime gig in a storm and they still turned up, danced and hollered all through the show and lined up to buy CDs! Go Bendigo!”

This year, Andrea has a new album and can’t wait to play it for the crowds at Bendigo. Considering it’s getting airplay all over the United States, the UK, Germany and Denmark and is even in the top 10 of the Australian Blues and Roots charts, Bendigo music fans can expect a great show. For Bendigo, Andrea believes the festival is great for “musicians and punters alike”.

“We really get to see a lot of other acts and catch up with people in a more casual atmosphere,” she says. “And I think [the festival] brings a lot of people to the town,” she adds. “It helps put the town on the minds of our followers and, hopefully, brings many of them over here.”

The trip to Bendigo for Marr fans is well-worth it. But as much fun as the festival is for attendees, it’s equally as important for the bands that play it.

“It’s a great tourism initiative and as the music industry becomes smaller, festivals become more and more important to artists like me,” Andrea says.

So what can fans and festival-goers expect from the Andrea Marr Band? Well, a party atmosphere for one, says Andrea.

“Andrea Marr Band have always brought a party atmosphere that people can dance and sing along with,” Andrea says. “And this year we have some great new tunes and a killer new album, so we can’t wait!”

Come rain or shine, sing and dance along with the Andrea Marr Band on Saturday, 7th of November at the Bridge Hotel Street Party from 8PM.