Record Store Day

Record Store Day

A decade or so ago it would’ve been a brave person to predict the rise and rise of vinyl record sales. But vinyl is back. Big-time.

Coupled with the rejuvenation of this most pure form of recorded music is Record Store Day. Starting in 2008, Record Store Day events now take place at thousands of independent record shops across the world each April.

This Saturday, April 16, Hard Copy Entertainment in Lyttleton Terrace will be hosting its first Record Store Day. The Hard Copy event starts at noon and will feature live performances from local artists such as Four Lions (Duo), Steve Saxton, Bill Barber, Luke Harrington, Old World Sparrow and Bohdan Dower.

“We want to create a good vibe for Bendigo artists and continue to support them. Record Store Day is a great format for that experience,” said Hard Copy’s Sean Taylor.

Artists are equally keen.

“I’m excited that I can support a local business on record store day,” said Steve Saxton.
“It’s where community, music and grass roots all come together to share in Record Store Day,” said Four Lions’ Shann Lions.

Hard Copy supports local artists with a CD and vinyl section all year round, but will be celebrating Record Store Day with discounts off new vinyl and exclusive Record Store Day releases.

I asked Taylor about the place for a hard copy music shop in today’s increasingly digital age and who their customers are. “Hard Copy goes the extra mile to find releases for a customer including second hand items. In the digital age not everyone wants digital. A physical copy showcases the artwork, the liner notes, who produced an album. And don’t get me started on the audio quality and difference that vinyl brings to an album! There is some magic in listening to an album on vinyl; it’s the true essence of music.”

An increase in vinyl sales of 40% against last year endorses Taylor’s statement.

This will be the start of an annual event on Record Store Day for Hard Copy with support from local independent music company Verse Chorus Verse.

The music starts at noon on Saturday in Abbott Arcade, just off Lyttleton Terrace.