Hailing from the grit and grime of Melbourne’s inner city, renowned songwriter Cat Canteri will be hitting Old Church on The Hill

With her stellar band The Hipster Proof Fence featuring Justin Bernasconi on guitar (The Stillsons), Isaac Barter on bass (Sal Kimber & The Rolling Wheel) and Justin Olsson on drums (Oh Pep! Lanks) they’ll be launching their new album ‘Inner North’, which sees Cat’s bold and reckless slide guitar style intermeshed with her poignant and poetic lyrics, reflecting the struggles and stories of her community, known as the Inner North.

Special guests Well Into Winter (Alex Cameron of The Northern Folk) andSherri Parry.

Doors 7pm, music 7:30pm

7:30pm Sherri Parry
8:15pm Well Into Winter
9pm Cat Canteri & The Hipster Proof Fence