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Jess Parker & The Troubled Waters


“When I was 13 and started playing guitar, I was listening to everything from The Beatles to Ben Harper, Black Sabbath to early Led Zeppelin. Although it seems quite eclectic on the surface, I now see how deeply rooted in blues all those artists are, and how much of an [...]

Jess Parker & The Troubled Waters2018-02-02T13:56:36+11:00

Recent Releases


Three talented young Bendigo artists have released debut CDs in recent months. First cab off the rank in March was Bill Barber with Thanks For Your Consideration - a polished blues debut that perfectly showcases Barber’s developing talents. Barber’s vocals – sometimes overlooked considering his guitar playing – really come [...]

Recent Releases2016-07-30T15:22:48+10:00

Artist Snapshot: Sons of the Blues


Inspired by the likes of Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson, Jimi Hendrix and Elmore James, Sons of The Blues were “born of a lifelong relationships with twelve bars”. Hailing from Castlemaine, Sons of The Blues comprises Patrick Byrne on vocals, guitar and stomp box, and John Phillips on lead guitar. They’ve [...]

Artist Snapshot: Sons of the Blues2016-07-30T15:17:31+10:00

Artist Snapshot: Marissa Quigley


“I was born in Adelaide but grew up in Darwin. I now live in Beechworth,” says the much-travelled, multi-talented Marisa Quigley. “My mum taught me to read music around the age of eight. I played flute and piano through school and sang in school and church choirs. But it wasn’t [...]

Artist Snapshot: Marissa Quigley2017-05-24T19:06:43+10:00

Artist Snapshot: Pip Cowan


“Growing up I listened to anything on the radio, but the music that has influenced me most since then is north Mississippi hill country blues.” Pip Cowan’s musical journey took a life-changing turn when he was just 17 – a motorcycle accident near the family farm in Numurkah left him [...]

Artist Snapshot: Pip Cowan2016-07-30T15:19:57+10:00

Col’s Two Bob Worth


As has become the standard, this year’s Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival (3-6 November 2016) will feature many acts we love inviting back, as well as a rich and varied batch of artists who’ve never played our festival before. Expect line-up announcements from July and our full program to [...]

Col’s Two Bob Worth2017-05-24T19:06:43+10:00

Artist snapshot: Grim Fawkner


“I made up my performing name Grim Fawkner when I worked in a factory in Melbourne. I’d catch the 6am train every morning and pass through Fawkner. The station at Fawkner was right next to the cemetery. Every morning I’d see tired and depressed-looking people getting on the train and [...]

Artist snapshot: Grim Fawkner2016-05-01T02:42:25+10:00

Col’s Two Bob Worth


I’m a little staggered to think that 2016 will see the 6th annual Bendigo Blues & Roots Musical Festival! It’s been a lot of fun along the way with literally hundreds of people putting in a lot of hard work to make it happen – not just over that weekend [...]

Col’s Two Bob Worth2016-07-30T15:26:30+10:00

Artist snapshot: Doc White


Doc White makes a (mutually) welcome return to Bendigo for the year’s first Bendigo Blues & Roots Music Festival showcase in late February, “the Blues & Roots Festival is astonishing and the best town festival I’ve played. The vibe of the city is amazing.” He’s played in Bendigo over 20 [...]

Artist snapshot: Doc White2016-05-01T02:42:10+10:00

Artist snapshot: Steph Bitter


“Just me, my guitar and sometimes a foot tambourine…” is how Steph Bitter describes herself. The young Bendigonian is getting to be a familiar face around Central Victoria, having played over 30 gigs now. You’ll also catch her busking from time to time. For Steph, it’s about story-telling: “I didn’t [...]

Artist snapshot: Steph Bitter2016-05-01T02:42:06+10:00