‘Across The Wires’ BB&RMF ONLINE – live streamed 3-day event

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In lieu of being able to stage our festival proper this year, we’re running an online streamed event featuring no less than 65 great acts from all over!
We’ll include freshly recorded live performances from some of our favorite artists to work with from the USA, Germany, Canada, Japan, as well as from all over Australia. We’ll also include strong local content with artists in Central Victoria given the opportunity to show off their talents, thanks to the video production team at Power AV and a limited number of our valued local partner venues.
The ‘Main Event’ of the 3-day program will be a concert streamed live from Ulumbarra Theatre featuring Echuca’s Benny Walker, This Way North from Yackandandah and Wodonga’s Dean Haitani.
The entire program will be free to view via our Facebook page and via our YouTube channel, but we welcome your contribution via the homepage of our website, if you feel inclined to support this and other online events and the paid gigs they create for the independant artists we work with.
The full line-up is still being finalised, but here’s a shortlist of some of the talented players we’ll be connecting you with come November 6-8:
Aaron Pollock (Melbourne)
Alannah & Alicia (Melbourne)
Alister Turrill (Queenscliff via Melbourne)
Andrea Robertson Band (Ocean Grove)
Andrew Farrell: Piano Wizard
Anna Scionti (Melbourne)
Barren Spinsters (ACT)
Benny Walker (Echuca)
Bill Barber (Bendigo)
Buddy Knox (NSW)
Charlie Bedford (Melbourne via Ballarat)
David Spry (NT)
Dean Haiani (Wodonga)
Emilee South (Melbourne)
Erica Hawkey Band (Bendigo)
Fu-Ching-Gido (JAPAN)
Graciana Holland (USA)
Hailey Calvert w/Jason Cameron (QLD)
JadeByrd (Bendigo)
Jarrod Shaw (Melbourne)
Jess Parker & The Troubled Waters (Castlemaine)
Jesse Morris (NSW)
Joel Havea (Tonga via Germany)
Josh Owen (Melbourne)
Julian James (Yackandandah)
Karrie Hayward (QLD)
Lazy Eye Band (Adelaide)
Linc Yow Yeh (Macedon)
Liz Frencham w/Pete Fidler (Trentham/Bendigo)
Louie & The Pride (Longlea)
Lucy Ridge and the Derby Widows (ACT)
Luke Harrington (Axedale)
Luke Watt (Castlemaine)
Maja (Melbourne)
Mariah McCarthy (Bendigo)
Matt Katsis (Melbourne via Bendigo)
Midweek Blues (Bendigo)
Miguel Rios (Melbourne)
Patrick Lionel (Melbourne)
Pete Cornelius (TAS)
Rory Phillips (NSW)
Shannon Bourne (Melbourne)
Sherri Parry [Band] (Bendigo)
Sons of the Blues (Castlemaine)
Strawberry Jamz (Bendigo via Melbourne)
Tasha Zappala (TAS)
Tennyson King (CAN)
This way North (Melbourne)
Travis Bowlin (USA)
Tuck Shop Ladies (Melbourne)
Urban Creatures (Violet Town/Bendigo)
Valli Maine (Bendigo)

Please keep checking in here for further updates as the program comes together, as we’ll be sharing the details of who’s vidoes will play at what time, etc.
From the aritsts involved, as well as from our partner venues, sponsors, supporters and our entire volunteer crew, thank you for continuing to support local live music from independent artists – particularly in these challenging times.