Artist snapshot: Steph Bitter

Artist snapshot: Steph Bitter

“Just me, my guitar and sometimes a foot tambourine…” is how Steph Bitter describes herself. The young Bendigonian is getting to be a familiar face around Central Victoria, having played over 30 gigs now. You’ll also catch her busking from time to time.

For Steph, it’s about story-telling: “I didn’t pick up a guitar until I was 14. I loved reading. I wanted to create books of my own, and that is where I found my passion for story writing. When music became a big part of my life, I decided I wanted to create my own music as well. That’s when I began writing songs.”

Josh Pyke remains a big influence for Steph – which goes back to being taken to see him for her first gig at the tender age of 14. John Butler also looms large.

Steph Bitter won’t be releasing her first ep until later in 2016. In the meantime though her live show is peppered with audience favourites like Your Revolution, Twisted Places and Omega. She also covers the much-loved Hallelujah.

“I am often known as a ‘Hippie’. While my songs try to inspire people to make a change, either as individuals or as a society. Even though I may seem serious on the outside, I’m essentially just a child at heart.” Hers is a refreshing take on music and life.